Gender ideology's global reach – Euston

Sat 20 Jul 2024 9:00 AM - Sun 21 Jul 2024 5:00 PM
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Gender Ideology's Global Reach

WDI International Conference 20-21 July 2024 London, UK

WDI invite you to a women only, hybrid international conference near Euston and Kings Cross, London, UK. The spread of gender identity politics has been swift and wide reaching. Women’s Declaration International has been working for five years to defend women’s sex based rights against this politics and has a Declaration signed by 527 Organizations and 37,888 Individuals from 160 countries. Tickets available here. If you can’t attend in person you can join us online.

Confirmed speakers and workshops so far:

SHEILA JEFFREYS - The Difficulty of Talking about Male Sexuality

LAUREN LEVEY - Global impact of gender identity on lesbians

GUNDA SCHUMANN - Global impact of gender identity on lesbians

ALISON CEBULLA - Trauma informed / Women only spaces impacted by gender identity

LORRAINE NOWLIN - Black Women's Caucus and the work of WDI USA

Linda Blade (online) - ICFS - Saving women's sports globally

MAUREEN O HARA - Developments in TERF Island

ALESSANDRA ASTERITI - A certain inconvenience: the genealogy of gender identity in international law

SHARON BYRNE - United Nations role in global spread of gender identity

GABRIELLA GALLAGHER - Ireland - The centre of gender identity politics imploding?

MAYA FORSTATER - How women in the UK used the law to fight back

ROSIE KAY - What is going on in UK arts?

KATE NEWEY and DOROTHEA ANNISON - Radfem Perspectives Live with Sheila Jeffreys, Julia Long, Jo Brew

LAURA FAVARO - Let us be free from "Academentia"

AMPARO DOMINGO - EU and ILGA's role in the global spread of gender

TINSEL ANGEL - Transwidows

EMMA THOMAS - Children of Transitioners

BERNADETTE O MALLEY - Repeal the Gender Recognition Act UK and Self ID laws globally

SALLY WAINWRIGHT - Grassroots women watching the global spread

KATE BARKER - The International work of LGB Alliance

ALISON JENNER - Gender identity in liberal parties around Europe

JO BREW - Gender identity ideology as a political attack on Radical feminism

ANNA ZOBNINA - Processes and trends in relation to gender identity and prostitution in the UN system, the EU and the Council of Europe

JULIA LONG - UK Sentence Mitigation / Getting away with it

TONJE GJEVJON - Fetishism in Norwegian politics and the role this has played in the erasure of women’s rights

LAURA LECUONA (online) - Gender identity’s grasp on Latin America

LAOISE UÍ AODHA DE BRÚN - News from Ireland

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